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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 27, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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this is a moment of understanding and compassion. it could happen to any of us. >> at 11:00, the colleagues react to the arrest of the arch bishop. >> i'm raj mathai. the soon to be arch bishop made headlines for the anti-gay marriage stance, but now is in the spotlight for different reasons. drunk driving. he and the bishop himself.
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from oakland with the new details. >> the soon to be arch bishop spent three years here in oakland. i spoke to a pastor who worked closely with him all that time. support for the bishop is pouring in. >> could happen to any of us. >> an outspoken pastor said he worked closely with the former bishop for the past three years and said the to be toon arch bishop of san francisco needs support during this tough time. >> this is a moment of understanding and a moment of compassion. i think they would certainly give the arch bishop the benefit of the doubt. >> the arch bishop appointed by pope benedict was arrested after leaving a gathering with his mother. he was pulled over after passing through a dui check point set up
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near the university campus. >> james campbell, a prominent attorney who specializes in defending people suspected driving under the influence. he said the dui arrest could affect the future bishop's job. >> if you have early clearance for travel like secured travel clearance, you lose that just by the arrest. it doesn't even matter if you are convicted. >> the soon to be arch bishop released this statement which says i apologize for my error in judgment and feel shame for the disgrace i have brought upon the church and myself. i will repay my debt to society and ask forgiveness from my family and friends and coworkers. he talked to some people in san francisco about the dui arrest. >> it's unfortunate that anybody gets a dui. especially with influence. it shows a lack of judgment. >> you could have had a couple
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of glasses of wine. maybe i am young and naive, but anyone would have went through the same situation. >> the attorney told me tonight that people busted for dui can spend between 2,000 and $20,000 in fees. the former bishop is scheduled to be sworn in in san francisco on october 4th and scheduled to be in court in san diego on october 9th. live in oakland, nbc bay area news. >> new at 11:00, keeping the faith in the police department, the city and their neighbors. hundreds gathered in san jose for a vigil and a prayer rally in stopping the sudden surge. george kiriyama is live in city hall where a lot of tears were shed and leaders were asked to step up and fix things. >> that's right. there were a lot of tears and there was a sense of urgency from the club tonight. the past couple of weeks were some of the worst they had seen.
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there was a call for action as well as prayers. >> part rally, part prayer service. it was a community crying out for help and justice. families, some tolding on to pictures of loved ones killed. tears and emotions did the talking. >> i don't know what's gng on out here, but the killing has got to stop. are we safe or not? what is the world coming to? >> the pain is still fresh. her grandson was shot and killed last thursday in a crime wave that saw eight homicides. >> i just want to be safe. i grew up in san jose all my life. i can't believe this was going on. he was the seventh homicide last week. >> they urged the community to work together. >> remember this evening. remember that we are all here to
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keep us unified as one community against violence. >> church leaders promised a stand inviting the violence that crippled the city. >> when you can take the fear away and train them, they don't have fear. they have a boldness. they have a you know what, you are right. there is nor good people than bad people. >> the past few nights have been quiet and they are tracking unknown gang members. live at san jose city hall, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. convicted speed freak killer wesley sherman tine is back on death row. he led them to other locations in lyndon east of stockton where he claims he buried some of his victims, four locations off of flood road. central valley assembly woman proposed the bill that would allow him to be able to be
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transported from prison to help recover victims. >> he wanted to take law enforcement officials to sites. i met with him a few weeks ago and met with him twice. he committed to work with the sheriff's department and the reno police department. >> he and his childhood friend went on a drug-fuelled killing spree in the 80s and 90s before being arrested in 1999. they were nicknamed the speed freak killers. he hanged himself earlier this year before tips led officials to uncover five victims in san joaquin and val kecalaveras cou. >> a trip to yosemite turned deadly. a fourth potential case is being invested. a virus is spread by rodents in urine and feces.
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they stayed at current villas. especially those who stayed in the signature tent cabins. symptoms are fever, aches, dizziness and chills. it can take weeks for the symptoms to surface. >> on the gulf coast, tropical storm isaac is expected to intensify. forecasters say within 24 hours, we should know if isaac will be a massive rain machine or destructive hurricane. warnings are in effect along with mandatory evacuations in southeastern louisiana. the airport in new orleans is shut down. sfo confirmed united's one daily flight to and from has been canceled tomorrow and wednesday. red cross volunteers from here in the bay area are headed to the gulf. the silicon valley chapter sent a second wave of volunteers. also today, the prepared to run shelters and arrange food and coupling and emotional support if necessary. >> i am being deployed for a
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specialty and it's called bulk distribution. we deliver dry goods to the folks after the form hit and passed. everything from clean up kits to diapers. whatever they need. >> president obama declared a state of emergency. >> jeff, you and i were talking about whether this will be a strong category one or a weak category two. what do we know? >> the latest advisory from the national weather service is say strong category one. what we have seen happen is the wind speeds are the same at the center of the storm and the pressure dropped to 978 millibars. that's a sign of strengthening. that loop as the storm loops around the past three hours. it's looking more and more lick a hurricane unlike the ragged system we had 24 hours ago.
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there is a path. it goes right through the story of new orleans. you will see tuesday at 7:00 in the evening, that's what when we expect to make landfall. winds top 90 miles per hour and moving over new orleans as we head throughout 7:00 a.m. the early morning hours of wednesday will be crucial for new orleans where wins are as high as 75 miles an hour. rain anywhere from to 16 inches and that's not only contrary across new orleans, but throughout mississippi and alabama. we will have more on the local forecast coming up. >> see you in a bit. >> tropical storm isaac spoiled part of the national convention. the kickoff was decided to delay. the session lasted only 60 seconds. the convention is expected to begin in earnest tomorrow. some speculation mitt romney
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could make a visit to the convention hall. they will only say he is traveling from boston to florida. he is due to speak thursday after he is nominated. >> apple wants a judge to block the sale of certain smart phones. the legal move comes after a historic decision in san jose on frchltds a jury said samsung infringed on several patents and awarded the company a billion in infringement fines. apple wants more and is asking for an injunction from stopping samsung from selling eight phones. the galaxy s showcase and prevail. they pla know to appeal and as for the ban, they requested a decision on that. it is not expected until a final decision in this case. the high tech battle is playing out on wall street. they close a high of $675 per share, but google was punished
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and owned the android operating system inside of samsung's phones and tablets. >> they say she has taken them for a ride for years. there a number of realtors we talked to who say you have taken advantage of them over the years. >> never. >> what is she accused of doing? we investigate, next. >> buzzing the bay area, the helicopter with the mission to keep people from a terrorist attack and why they will fly so low to the ground. >> those little leaguers with big time star power. they return home with rock star fanfare. we will tell you what the plan is tomorrow.
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they will fly about 300 feet above oakland and pacifica to record natural radiation levels. the findings will allow the agencies to cam pair ariel and ground based snapping and create a base line in case of a radioactive terrorist attack. >> they say she scammed her way into free rides, meals and high end purses, targeting the same community in san francisco for decades. who is she and how can anyone pull this off? vicki nguyen joins us. >> we could feel the outrage, disgust and disbelief when we talked with the people who say
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they are victims. they tell us she wasted their time and eroded their trust and cost them thousands of dollars and they say no one will stop her. >> cold hearted. >> she is say scam artist. >> i was mad as hell. >> i want her to pay for what she did. >> this is a story of a little lady who is being accused of scamming dozens of people. >> never. >> how long has it been going on? >> to my knowledge, 20 years or more. >> wining and dinings. >> coffee. >> orange juice. >> a couple of lunches. >> designer shoes. >> $180. >> this woman was pressured into buying a $1300 louis vuitton purse. >> i will pay you back later. >> did she? >> no. >> they were targeted from their own ad. their nightmare started when sue
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called. >> this was an experience. >> sheer said she is an investor who wants their help to sell these san francisco buildings worth close to $3 million. she brings paperwork bringing the owner and statements for them showing $4 million in the bank and elusive will the agents compared notes and sue asked to discuss business and she would pretend to forget her wallet at home. for medicine and groceries and shoes and purses. >> she could do it day in and day out to a lot of people. >> thomas nguyen followed him on the last appointment. she said she promised to sign a courteous to work with him. once they got in the car, thomas wanted to stop at the dentist. they followed him to a dim sum brunch and after that, grocery
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shopping across town. all on his dime. she told him she would sign the courteous the next day, a day that never seems to come. you sue wa? >> yes. >> a number of realtors say you have taken advantage of them. >> never. >> have you bought and sold a home using a realtor? >> can police do something to stop her? turns out, no. they say all of these complaints amount to a civil issue, not a criminal one. >> nothing has been done ever. >> they suggest taking her to court and sue is no stranger. we found at least seven generals against her. most from tenants who refused to return the rent and deposit. they ordered her to pay back nearly $5,000 to a man who never moved in.
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for the realtor, it's not just the dollar amount, but the time and trust they lost. >> is it -- it ruins your trust in other people. she has been doing it for years. >> they're hope to change it now. >> i want it to stop. >> by putting a spotlight on sue. >> we are final lly coming together. you a conartist? >> no. >> we wanted to ask her more questions about the lawsuits and the accusations against her, but she declined the request for an interview. the district attorney's office said anyone who thinks they may have been defrauded, contact them to file a report. we posted the information on our website and click on the investigation tab. reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> if you have a tip for the investigative unit. send us an e-mail directly to
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the unit at >> let's turn it over to jeff ranieri. >> similar for right now. upper temperature not so bad. 60 no, sir san francisco and low 60s to san mateo and sunnyvale. for some of you parents who are up tonight in getting the kids ready for school, we are not having too many problems for the first commute back. from the bay bridge approach, wouldn't it be nice if traffic looked like that. not too much fall to worry about. to get you back into the weather boards, we have another unusually strong region of upper level low pressure. mainly going to hang out across specific northwest, but for us it enhances the wind. that means yes, if you are going to the coastline, the marine layer will be back. fog in the 50s and 60s and for the interior valleys, sunny for
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you and widespread temperatures across the bay. the further from the coastline, the warmer it will be. 70s and 80s and for the south bay. tropical storm isaac, if you went with us earlier, we want to give you another update. it does look to strength tone a category one storm by tomorrow morning. the track takes it across new orleans with landfall late on tuesday and early wednesday morning moving over new orleans with winds at 75 miles per hour. of course there is going to be a lot of rainfall and flooding potential across a lot of the gulf coast throughout wednesday and thursday. it will be dry in the 40s and 50s and areas of fog with the best chance up against the immediate coastline. for tuesday, above what we had for today. 90 in morgan hill. 86 in sunnyvale. 88 in dublin and 89 in
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pleasanton. none n livermore. 87 in santa rosa and temperatures in the low 70s and 77 in berkeley and 75 in oakland. the three-day forecast as sunshine and thursday in the low 90s. 60s and fog at the coast. by this weekend the first weekend of school. that usual indication where they see that pattern slip. before you know it, rain clouds on it back here across the bay area. >> coming up from home runs to a homecoming. the pride of petaluma back home to a fan frenzy.
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they keep asking for his
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autograph, but one player said they don't have an autograph. the petaluma little league team is back in town and tomorrow they go back to school. he has to prohis autograph. they got a hero's welcome at sfo and the party continued when they arrived at the sonoma marin fairgrounds. they came with a police escort. officially there is a third best little league team in the world after that impressive run in pennsylvania at the world series. >> we placed third in the world. it would have been nice for second or first, but still third in the world for petaluma is cool. >> a little bit better. third place in the world, i'll take it any day. >> a welcome home parade is planned on sunday, but first things first.
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they have school in the morning. >> they're have the paparazzi and the agents and the endorsement deals. >> it's a big week. we could have two playoff teams in addition petaluma. two playoff teams. the giants and the a's.
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>> good evening. anderson was spectacular in his way back fromtome john surgery. he was perfect until the a's took on the indians. 1-0, a's. leading off with a home run to right. top of the third, runners on second and third. cris carter singles to left.
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steven drew scores and 13 games over 500 for the first time since the end of 2006. dodgers and rockies. josh making his dodgers debut. bottom one. he faces tyler. that's not a good exchange. a solo home run and it's 1-0, rockies. bottom six, rockies up 2-0. the last one. chris nelson scores and rockies go on to win, 10-0. football and the 49ers crawls and sunday's exhibition game. peyton manning had his best showing, topping two touchdowns and limited action. we explain. >> we didn't play well enough. it was a great learning experience for us in that the play where is we broke down, we could have played better.
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we were not ready to win the one on one battles. >> switching to the silver and black. impressive preseason action against the lions. the stand out won three of five with two touchdowns and was the topic of discussion at practice on monday. >> gave us a chance to show us and some of my teammates were there and it was a good opportunity. >> i first got here and he was not getting that rest. for now, for training camp he got 30 to 40% and he improved drastically. >> that's a look at sports. raj and jessica, back to you. >> does jessica know that you were high school teammates? >> he loves doing trivia and i didn't know that. >> she does now.
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that's for sure. >> check me again. trust me. >> we were high school basketball players and he was better. i know that shot. >> he makes more money, but it's okay. thanks. >> we'll be right back.
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get ready to rotate. a new thrill ride is coming next summer called under toe. the only spinning roller coaster. speeds as high as 40 miles an hour and features a portion that leads you straight up to the sky or staring at the ground depe depending on where you are sitting. it will replace hurricane and up and running next summer on the boardwalk. i see a field trip. >> she loves roller coasters. >> i like doing the news with you.
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>> thanks for watching. we will see you back here tomorrow. >> bye-bye. ah.
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